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Our Story is Simple 

We wanted to curate a line of products that gave you the power to heal yourself. 

Crafted with love. Created for you.

The fact is, medicine never cured anyone and a combination of herbs and lifestyle medicine can

heal anyone.

Our Philosophy: Simplicity & Transparency

Somewhere along the lines healing became overcomplicated.

Take this pill 3 times a day, plus
add shakes and Pilates and blah blah blah.

Here at God’s Green EarthRX our philosophy is
simplicity and transparency.

Our remedies consist of food from the earth and a routine that is
as simple as eating real food, drinking spring water, sleep, sunlight, and daily movement.

Our remedies are simple, and our formulas are transparent.

Tropical Leaves

God's Green Earthrx is located in New Jersey and serves a broad range of clientele. Please get in touch to learn more about our health services and

wholesale accounts available.

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