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Organic-Wild-crafted Irish Moss (Sea Moss) *16 oz*

Benefits of Sea Moss: Gluten- Free, Vegan, Raw, Wild-crafted, Non GMO


Flavors include: Plain, Elderberry, Soursop, Saffron, and Turmeric Root

This SUPER-FOOD contains 92 minerals of the 102 minerals that the human body consists of. Such as zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, sodium, sulfur, silicon, and iron. It also contains small amounts of selenium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and vitamins A, E, C, D, K and a host of others that are vital for our daily survival. This means most people could just about live off of this sea moss. When we give our body it's needed cell food, our body is able to reverse and even stop many diseases.

*Relieves Respiratory Problems. (It helps stimulate healthy digestion, relieve the symptoms of cold and flu and eliminate persistent coughs and phlegm)

*Helps to eliminate Mucus and phlegm.

*It'll boost your Immune System (Rich in polysaccharides, which strengthens the immune system, help reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disease and promotes overall)

*Relieves Anemia (Supports blood production, regulates blood sugar levels and contains a natural anticoagulant)

*Improves Skin Health (Great to help reduce wrinkles when applied to face)

*Great Source of Energy.

*Treats Thyroid Disorders.

*Boosts Mental Health.

*Promotes Recovery.

*Aids In Quick Digestion (A valuable source of Taurine, which lowers blood pressure, is essential for healthy heart function and helps maintain a mineral balance in cells. Taurine also encourages a healthy metabolism and helps bind bowel fats, thus actively promoting the digestion and absorption of nutrients)

& More

Do not consume Irish/Sea Moss if you are allergic to seaweed or algae.

Jarred Sea Moss Gel

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