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Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that impairs the way the body uses and regulates sugar. 


Typically you would be prescribed medication that does not aid in your cure. Here at GGE, we believe food is either your poison or medicine. This bundle's intention is to regulate the blood sugar, add an abundant supply of minerals and remove the mucus from the cells in order to have your body regulating your blood sugar the way it should.


Turmeric Tonic's role is to decrease the level on glucose in the blood, thereby regulating your blood sugar and may lower A1C levels as well. 

Sea Moss has an element called fucoxanthin, and its job is to prevent spikes and crashes of blood sugar levels and to enable the body to respond to insulin more effeciently meaning the body would not have to work as hard to process it. 

Black seed oil capsules role in the bundle is one of the most important. It acts to improve insulin resistance. Diabetic's largest issue is that it rejects insulin and as a result blood sugar gets high.  Improving the functionality of insulin consistently may aid in the cure of the disease as a whole. 



Type 2 Diabetes Bundle

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