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"Healthy is the new Happy"

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Crafted with excellence. Created for you.

Our story is simple. We wanted to craft something that gives you the power to get healthy on your own terms and with no side effects.



Happiness is in Reach

Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. God's Green Earthrx has been providing clients with a variety of weight management and nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits. With a creative, dynamic, and responsible approach to healthy eating, as well as an extensive range of industry experience, this Holistic Nutritionist helps clients achieve all their nutrition goals — the healthy way.



Unstable moods, sleepiness, and repetitive illness are all signs that your body wants a reset. This seminar answers the question, "Where do I start?" From 5 to 5000, we will come out to speak to anyone who is eager for a change. If you are tired of being in pain, tired of being sick, tired of being fat, or simply just tired, click BOOK.  You don't need any money, just bring 5 or more people together and we will lead the way.


The body has the power to heal itself, as long as we provide it with the right conditions. The diseases that plague us the most are curable and our team of experts want to give you the power to take your health back! We have successfully helped people just like you reverse their diagnosis. From Type 2 Diabetes to battling with Hypertension and weight loss, we believe there is no disease that can't be managed or REVERSED holistically . Schedule a session today and get on the path to a good bill of health.

Crowd Applausing


We like to keep it simple for you. Let us know the number of people in your party and what areas of health interests you. (example: How to reverse Type 2 Diabetes) We will follow up with you in 48 hours to schedule your seminar. Thank you.


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OMG! The turmeric tonic is amazing with the Lupus an RA, most mornings are extremely painful, but after taking it Saturday and Sunday night, I'm at school feeling much better. I am super excited to meet with you and create a plan to change my life!



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