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Healthy is the new happy.

Herbal medicine for a happier healthier life.

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Why Join the God's Green Rx Community?

Our mission is to provide every person with the knowledge, services, and products to live a happier and healthier life.

We specialize in Herbal and Lifestyle Medicine.


Meet Our Wellness Coaches

This dedicated team takes your love for wellness and turns you into consultants, personal trainers, nutritionists & income producing people.


Nikita E. Thomas

Founder of God’s Green Earthrx and Hustle Faith

Ophelia Franco

Branding Specialist 

Zayd Hale

Personal Training

How Our Products Improve Your Health

What People Say

"Amazing Products"

I have tried a variety of the teas and tonics and I have absolutely enjoyed every single one of them. The shipping is very fast and the customer service is outstanding.

Excellent products to give a boost to your immune system!


"A healthy outside starts
from the inside."

Nikita Thomas

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